Professional English Language Courses

You are looking for new job opportunities abroad for doctors, nurses, lawyers, HR business partners, marketing, finance & accounting professionals, IT or telcom experts and want to prepare for an interview?  Let us know if you do, our teachers will support you with your foreign language improvement by providing you with a group or individual coaching...

Change Management

This course is ideal for all those who plan, or have to implement, change in their organisation.  Employees usually oppose changes. What does it mean for them, and what does it mean for you? How to manage change? Let us provide you with proper change management tools: how to assess the level of resistance to change, create benefit framework, stakeholders and management...

Knowledge transfer & competency development skills

Since knowledge grows exponentially every minute, we are all in a situation to share it, formally or informally: with other fellow co-workers, with our team, clients, business partners... Our workshops on knowledge sharing and competencies development will provide you with all the know-how: be it trainer-led classroom session, mentorship or coaching.  

Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Companies with diversified portfolio pay a lot of attention to selling multiple products and services to a customer. Up-selling and cross-selling KPI’s constitute a big part of sales targets. However, they are not easy to achieve, let alone overachieve. How to sell multiple products or services to a customer, who wants to buy just one article? How to retain...

Experiential Learning - Integrated Training Solutions

ADIZ offers its clients a unique programme on the market, a package of services that encompasses both theories on personal competences and working techniques with practical simulation in the field, as well as learning from experience. The purpose of the “Experiential Learning and Development” programme is to address the specific competencies development of...

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills

We have all been at least once in a situation that we needed to negotiate: with our clients to make a deal, with our boss to give...

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