Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

How often did you hear that one should “get out of the box”? What is strategy?  Your senior management needs in-depth expertise?

You expect your junior management level to translate company strategy into action. Do they know what is exactly expected from them, how to do it, what potential risks are to be mitigated when implementing strategy? Do they have the right perspective?

This workshop will be tailor-made to your detailed requirements. Together, as partners, we shall get out of the box, look into every aspect of your strategy planning and beyond. We shall connect theoretical background (Mintzberg, Porter) and strategic thinking with the specific strategy of your company, brand and value chain.

Your managers will gain insight into the importance of strategic thinking while making business decisions on a daily basis, and find out the difference between the two. Every mid-/junior manager will develop his/her own micro strategy and prepare an individual action plan: how to communicate and implement company strategy on a micro level – their own unit.

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