Experiential Learning - Integrated Training Solutions

Experiential Learning - Integrated Training Solutions

ADIZ offers its clients a unique programme on the market, a package of services that encompasses both theories on personal competences and working techniques with practical simulation in the field, as well as learning from experience. The purpose of the “Experiential Learning and Development” programme is to address the specific competencies development of your company’s cross-functional teams i.e. people who, due to the matrix work organisation, have to co-operate mostly with colleagues from other departments (IT, Finance, Legal, Sales etc.) on long-term project, so it is very important to increase the effectiveness of such project teams.

This programme is the ideal package:

  • In combination with your off-site management programmes
  • As training of special targeted competencies for cross-functional teams combined with team building activities
  • ADIZ integrates its key competencies and training methodology with those of your internal training teams and professional HR business partners, in order to achieve synergy. Our integrated training solutions are perfect if you plan to enhance or increase the quantity and the quality of your internal training and development programs in order to achieve an optimal mix with other goals ADIZ can support you with its expertize

Such a curriculum, in cooperation with our strategic partners, can be tied with any other course we offer; particularly with trainings such as:

*        Communication, presentation and selling skills

*        Problem solving

*        Change management

*        Strategic and tactical planning

*        Stress management

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