Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

In this workshop your directors, team leaders and trainers alike will learn why self-motivation is a key to learning and development of people and why coaching is the best method for personal growth. They will also be taught in coaching process and techniques, and will become aware of the difference between training and coaching.

TRAINING is a process of teaching new stuff. It is about gaining knowledge and skills, when a person transforms from being consciously incompetent (“I know that I do not know”) into consciously competent (“I know that I know”), thus becoming capable of performing a job. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that this person will overachieve, as maybe expected.

COACHING, unlike training, is a development process. A coachee develops into being unknowingly competent (“I do not know that I know”), because coaching focuses on improving skills and thus helps an individual bring performance to the highest level.

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